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FundaMedical Features and Benefits

A feature is a distinctive characteristic of a product service that sets it apart from similar products or services. Our clients (Experts and Attorneys), however, want a benefit and do not care much about the features which are touted by every other expert as unique or superior.

Features we offer are:

  • Free pre-screening
  • Medical Assessments
  • RAF 1: Third Party Claim Form
  • RAF 4: Serious Injury Assessment
  • Joint Minutes
  • Medical Legal Reports
  • Addendums
  • Court Appearances
  • X-rays


The Benefits that we offer are really what sets us apart. The benefit of attorneys signing up with us is that they can book all experts from one bookings personnel. If the attorneys are unsure of which experts to book, they can send us their clients hospital records and our experts will do a free prescreening for them. A prescreening is a letter to tell the attorney whether the claimant qualifies for medical damages or a whole person impairment (WPI). The attorney can base his decision on if he/she should pursue the claim. Our expert will tell the attorney which expert to send the client to and we will create a booking for the relevant experts.

The experts we offer administration services to are consistently available. We block book our experts far in advance and are able to coordinate attorneys bookings with the dates provided to us. We have enough experts to assist the attorneys bookings across the country. We are also able to offer a service to the attorneys that is to see their clients in different locations (offsite locations). We coordinate a patient day with the experts for the attorneys at a location that suits the attorneys needs.

The Experts we offer administration services to do not only do Medical Legal reports for RAF victims but PRASA, Injury on duty victims, police brutality, medical negligence, silicosis, dog bite claims, animal assault, man hole claims, product liability claims, wrongful death/loss of support and slip and trips. We have not yet marketed the other claims other then RAF and PRASA well enough.

The experts that we offer our administration services to have top quality reports and due to our administration services we are able to assist the experts in their production of the Medical Legal reports and this gives them a fast turn around time.

We are continually looking to get the best expert reports to the attorneys. We put together expert discussions and expert attorney events where the
professionals in each fields can discuss what is in their reports and how to better the reports for the victims. All attorneys love fast turn around time and quality reports.

At our main branch in Midrand we have an in-house X-ray department run by Nisha Panday In Partnership with Burger Radiology. Our experts who use imagery in their reports such as X-rays, MRI’s etc. prefer working with Burger Radiology as their radiologists deliver great reports and this compliments the Medical Legal Report given to the attorney to fight for his client in court. For the Joint Minutes, we assist the experts in not only typing the Joint Minute report but by coordinating Joint Minute requests from the attorneys to the experts by tracking and following up on the Joint Minutes sent to the defense experts and attorneys. This can be a rather strenuous and tactful process by the opposing experts and attorneys to delay the matter. There is a lot of communication here and experts cannot afford to carry on with consultations and attend to Joint Minutes.

If an attorney requests the Medical Expert to attend to Court we coordinate the day for the expert. Experts request an upfront payment and need to be briefed on the matter and location. Logistically and administratively we organize that the expert arrives and that all the information be given to the expert to be prepared for the matter that he/she is representing in court.
FundaMedical strives on its relationships built with not only the expert but that of the expert and the attorney.

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